Improve your filtration against virus and airborne threats

Mounting scientific evidence suggests that COVID-19, akin to influenza, is seasonally here to stay, compounding existing and novel airborne threats.

As such, sustainability and critical HVAC system parameters must be considered in rational engineering and development of novel technologies for air-filtration media in addition to viral filtration and/or virucidal efficacy.

Because real-world HVAC systems are designed to operate within specified tolerances to maintain critical setpoints, they are unable to facilely accommodate higher filtration efficiency air-filters without adverse repercussions.

Apart from increasing size exclusion filtration, existing technologies for managing airborne transmission of communicable infectious diseases (IDs) via HVAC systems are limited to either ultraviolet (UV) germicidal irradiation (UVG) or bipolar ionization mechanisms, both of which are costly to implement/maintain and are energy-intensive. Recent studies show that electronic air cleaning equipment like bipolar ionization systems that ionize return air are likely to generate harmful amounts of reactive oxygen species (ROSs) like ozone, hydroxyl radicals, and superoxide anions that severely degrade IA0.

Capture Coating™ drastically enhances virus-carrier filtration performance without affecting airflow, static air-pressure, or energy efficiency and can be applied as a retrofit for less than a cup of coffee per filter.

How it works

Emerging and re-emerging communicable infectious diseases (CIDs) perpetually contribute toward annual global mortalities, imposing a progressively formidable threat against increasingly growing and densifying population centres and their interconnectivity. Transmission of communicable viral respiratory infections are generally believed to involve host inoculation via contact with or inhalation of sub-S-11m diameter virion-containing fluid droplets from an infected host.

When properly used and applied on appropriately-rated HVAC air-filtered, Capture Coating™ enhances air-filtration performance by functionally modifying the surface of the individual fibres comprising the filtration media. This establishes an environment at the filtration media-air interface conducive to enhanced filtration efficiency of aqueous virus/micro-organism carriers (e.g. infectious respiratory droplets) beyond manufacture-rated efficiencies via hydrophobic and electrophoretic interaction-based adsorptive filtration, as opposed to size exclusion methods.

Capture Coating™ is partially composed of a non-migrating material that prevents the growth of odoor-causing microorganisms and does not foster the conditions that promote the viability and proliferation of viruses like SARS-CoV-2 and other contagion-causing microbes in the form of aqueous virus/microbe carriers expelled from infected individuals and/or animals.

When properly used and applied, Capture Coating™ will yield a bacteriostatic, fungistatic and algistatic surface on the air-filtration media substrate to prevent deterioration and discolouration caused by fungi, algae, and odour-causing bacteria. Capture Coating™ does not create the conditions that promote the development of resistant microorganisms.

Capture Coating™ treated MERV8 air filter

Water droplets (coloured green) highly repelled by filter treated with Capture Coating™

Pristine MERV8 air filter

Water droplets (coloured green) completely absorbed by non-treated filter

Easy to apply

Capture Coating™ is designed and formulated for all types of HVAC air filter media using patented nanotechnology that imparts superhydrophobicity, non-toxicity, and breathability without affecting airflow, energy efficiency, and HVAC equipment.

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