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Evac OnlineVac Vacuum Pump Parts Manual

The Evac OnlineVac V26 and V16 vacuum pumps are suitable for all types of vessels, especially designed for smaller ships and yachts.  The pump creates vacuum and macerates sewage in the sanitary system.  The pump has a simple and strong design which makes it a reliable choice.

The Evac OnlineVac is particularly suitable for vessels with medium-sized passenger and crew capacity.  The OnlineVac macerates the sewage created on-board as well as reliably generating the vacuum required for the discharge process.

The improved design of the OnlineVac features extra strong bearings, heavy duty mechanical seals and an electric motor with an IEC flange connection. As well as being robust and reliable, the OnlineVac has been designed to be easy to maintain and offers ship owners lower running costs than earlier generation models.

The vacuum pumps and pump casings are manufactured from stainless steel.  Pumps are also available as a retrofit version.


Vacuum is generated and sewage is pumped by a special type of helical screw pump.  The centrifugal force causes sewage in the screw chamber to accumulate to the outer edge of the chamber whilst the air stays in the centre of the screw.  The screw moves sewage and air simultaneously, creating a vacuum which sucks new air and sewage into the chamber from the inlet.  Before being sucked into the screw chamber the sewage is ground to a fine pulp by a macerator.  A transparent cover makes inspection easy, allowing a clear view of the pump’s inlet.  Vacuum generation is controlled by the vacuum sensor and PLC.

The V16 and V26 type combined maceration and vacuum pumps have been designed to be easy to maintain and cost-efficient for owners.  They feature extra strong bearings and heavy duty mechanical seals, and the electric motor has an IEC flange connection, making it easy to change.

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