Evac OWMS Food Macerator

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Evac OWMS system, designed for hygienic collection and treatment of food waste

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The system is equipped with bridge control, level monitoring as well as full/ half flush. Bridge control allows for discharge of holding tank, blocking of manual or auto discharges and monitoring of the actual food waste level in the tank. The GPS Discharge Control system ensures that food waste is discharged into sea only when allowed according to IMO Marpol 73/78 Annex V, MEPC 62, ISO 21070, local rules and regulations.

Further, the system shall automatically empty the food waste tank prior to entering a restricted area. All discharges of the food waste tank are logged electronically. The information is logged for two years in compliance with the requirements for Garbage Record Book. The system safely handles food waste and is easy to install, with low water consumption, small pipe diameter and flexible pipe routing.

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