Puramyst Mini

27.00 ex tax

Portable protection right around your yacht

One Shot Airborne Disinfectant is designed to be used wherever and whenever you need to ensure that your yacht is totally free from infection risks.

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These handy ‘one-shot’ cannisters can be used when on charter or away from home port as a convenient ‘top up’ or ‘booster’ when a full treatment isn’t available.

The ‘one-shot’ airborne release system nebulizes the disinfectant into a fine mist that disinfects all surfaces in a single application, allowing the product to reach otherwise difficult to access areas.

One Shot Airborne Disinfectant offers a broad biocide spectrum and acts very fast against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi and virus. It does not contain flammable gases nor toxic ingredients, allowing it to be used in areas where other types of product are unsuitable.

It uses an HFO propellant gas (ecological gas) and is fully compatible with all types of materials and electronic components. Store in a dry cool place away from any heat source.

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