Rydlyme C90 Descaling Pump

2,120.00 ex tax

Descaling and chemical cleaning pumps for removing limescale, rust and corrosion debris from heating plant and cooling circuits.



The high performance C90 with instaneous flow reverser, descales plastics, machinery, oil coolers, mould tools, extruder barrels and pipework more effictively, in less time.

  • High performance to enable descaling of severly fouled equipment
  • Descaling chemicals safely contained at all times within integral tank
  • Self priming for ease and safety
  • Acid proof
  • 57 litre tank
  • Complete with hoses and fittings
  • Portable large diameter wheels for use anywhere
  • Instantaneous flow reverser for faster and more effective descaling
  • No seals to leak, run dry capability, maintenance free
  • Integral fresh water flush facility

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