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RYDLYME Marine – Raw Water Descaler

RYDLYME Marine is a biodegradable descaler designed for the maritime industry to safely dissolve calcium, rust, zebra mussels and other mineral deposits.

The main benefits of RYDLYME descaler are:

  • It is biodegradable
  • It is easy and safe to dispose of
  • It is fast working
  • It is non-hazardous for personnel
  • It is safe on metals, rubber and more

RYDLME Marine is used by Armed Forces globally.

Before and after


Rydlyme before and after

What type of equipment can you use Rydlyme Marine on?

This versatile biodegradable marine cleaner can be used on all types of vessels. Use it to remove unwanted deposits on many types of equipment including:

Air Compressors, AC units, Boilers, Booster Heaters, Bow Thrusters, Barnacles, Chillers, Condensers, Coolers, Cylinder Jackets, Diesel Engines, Desalination Units, Engine Cooling Systems, Evaporators, Feed Water Heaters, Fire Mains, Generators, Heat Exchangers, Hulls, Intake Screens, Keel Coolers, Lube Oil Coolers, Propulsion Units, Propellers, Pumps, Radiators, Sea Strainers, Sea Water Systems (main and auxiliary), Transmission Coolers, Tube Bundles, Waste Heat Boilers, Waste Water Piping, Water Pumps and Impellers, Zebra Mussels and more!

RYDLYME Marine can be used safely with the following materials and many more:

  • Iron
  • HDPE
  • Copper
  • Ceramics
  • Gel-coats
  • Hastaloy
  • Fibreglass
  • Copper Nickel
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • PVCTeflon
  • Plastic
  • Titanium
  • Painted Surfaces
  • Rubber

A biodegradable de-scaler designed for the maritime industry to safely dissolve calcium, rust, zebra mussels and other mineral deposits. Fast working, easy and safe to use, non-hazardous for personnel and safe on metals, rubber and more.

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The benefits of using Rydlyme Marine

Safe for equipment and personnel

It is a non corrosive to virtually all metallurgies and material commonly found within water based equipment or systems, it is safe and non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable

Lower maintenance and labour costs

With only two employees your equipment can be cleaned in place, returning your vital water systems to 100% working efficiency

Highly efficient and effective

It dissolves approximately 2lbs of the toughest calcium deposit efficiently and effectively.

Easy to use

It can dissolve the toughest fouling mediums – even tanic acid – with little or no work. It is not a powder or paste, it is a simple ready to use liquid which in certain applications can be sprayed on and wiped

It is biodegradable

It can be disposed of through normal sewer systems and in many cases directly to the ocean or inland waterway

Before and after treatment with Rydlyme Marine

Before and after treatment with Rydlyme Marine

Key features and attributes

Safe for the environment

Rydlyme marine will not hurt the environment. The solution is non-hazardous and biodegradable. You can dispose of it down your regular sanitary sewer system.

Lower maintenance costs

Scale formed deposits can hinder the performance of vital water systems. With a simple Rydlyme marine cleaning you can return your vital water systems to 100% efficiency.


This amazing solution is designed to dissolve the toughest deposits efficiently and effectively.

Save on labour

You do not need a crew of eight to clean your equipment with Rydlyme marine. It only takes one or two employees to get the job done right in a few hours when you use Rydlyme marine there is less time and labour spent cleaning your equipment and more time generating income.

No disposal cost

You can put Rydlyme marine down regular sanitary systems in any concentration.

There is no need to add neutralisers before you dispose of Rydlyme via the sewer system.

Other methods usually have to follow costly disposal procedures.

No need to disassemble equipment

Most methods require equipment to be disassembled prior to cleaning, which results in high costs and lengthy equipment downtime.

With Rydlyme Marine you can clean your equipment efficiently without costly disassembly.

​Rydlyme Descaling Pumps

For removal of limescale, rust and corrosion deposits from heating plant and cooling circuits, pumps built to handle the strongest descaling chemicals.

Applications include:

  • Domestic and industrial boilers, including combination boilers.
  • Steam generators and water heaters
  • Calorifiers, condensers and chillers
  • Fan coil units and pipework
  • Plate and shell type heat exchangers
  • High performance to enabling descaling of severely fouled equipment
  • Extreme chemical resistance; acid proof pump
  • Descaling chemicals safely contained at all times within integral tank
  • Integral flow reverser device for faster and more effective descaling
  • No seals to leak and Maintenance free
  • Self priming for ease and safety
  • Compact and portable
  • Plastics machinery – oil coolers, mould tools, extruder barrels and pipework