Nexio 1 Toilet Brush – 46cm x 9cm

87.95 ex tax

With a simple modern design, this NEXIO Toilet Brush is the largest in their range and has a contained, handy design to ensure you have access to this essential bathroom cleaning accessory as and when it is required.


With a commitment to simple designed focused on functionality allows this accessory to fit in wonderfully into any yacht or modern bathroom, this toilet brush provides a truly practical solution.

Constructed from high quality stainless steel with plastic elements the NEXIO 1 Toilet Brush has the appearance of a traditional toilet brush with a modern twist. The majority of the toilet brush and its casing is made from stainless steel but the brush itself has plastic elements and for hygiene purposes the bottom of the unit is also plastic and removable for cleaning.

The NEXIO Toilet Brush measures 46cm in height with a diameter of 9cm in polished steel. It is a free standing unit you can position wherever in the bathroom.

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