Drain Watch Unit

355.00 ex tax

Easy installation and perfect for galley sinks, commonly used for drain and grease trap maintenance



One of the most robust systems on the market, our drain dosing unit is commonly used for drain and grease trap maintenance and other purposes such as water treatment applications.

The unit comes with 3 month supply of our EU600XG Heavy duty biological Drain cleaner.

The space-saving, modern system has been designed with quick installation and intuitive programming in mind. It is controlled by a real-time clock with up to 20 programmable events per day which can occur any day of the week.

The Benefits

  • Working in association with EU600XG Heavy duty biological Drain cleaner
  • For fast breakdown of organic material – fat, grease and other problematic waste
  • A unique product containing non-pathogenic bacteria and additional free enzymes that is capable of breaking down organic matter far quicker than bacteria alone
  • EU600XG has been developed for the maintenance of drain lines, pipes and grease traps that have heavy loading with short retention times and the types of waste that are normally difficult to treat
  • Dosing 100 to 150ml per day


  • Rated IP65 for indoor and outdoor use in tough industrial environments
  • Multi-lingual programming with quick access review of events from one single screen
  • LCD digital interface with character display and backlight for ease-of-use
  • Optional access code protection to prevent unauthorised use
  • Easily serviced from the front with compression connectors to facilitate quick tube changes
  • Efficient and fast installation with mounting bracket and spirit level
  • Low level battery indicator as standard
  • On/off LED indicator
  • Mains power or battery
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