USON Marine UKP 6060 Refrigerated Sack Compactor

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The UKP-6060 is a refrigerated sack compactor with exterior and interior in stainless steel, designed in accordance to USPH.

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Food contaminated waste is compacted in a durable plastic sack and stored at 4°C to avoid bacterial growth. It is intended for areas where bacteria growth and smell cannot be allowed and is perfectly suited for installation in food handling areas. The UKP-6060 refrigerated sack compactor can be sited close to bars, away from normal waste handling areas, thus saving time and effort for the crew. The UKP-6060 is an electromechanical compactor with no hydraulics and compacts at full press power. The electromechanical drive makes the machine silent. The volume reduction is up to 90% depending on the waste fraction. The unit has smooth anti-corrosive surfaces in the chamber making it hygienic and easy to clean.

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