QUICK-TREAT Rapid Recovery Unit

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An odour-free, fresh room within only 20 minutes! Disinfected, odour-free rooms and airducts with the advantage that the room can be occupied during the treatment.

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QUICK-TREAT’s unique AOP technology is extremely effective for the removal of odours and airborne contaminations. The system operates with a powerful broad spectrum UV light inside a multiple metal coated cell in which the friendly oxidisers will be generated.

The powerful fan forces these oxidisers around the room into every nook and cranny, where odours and all sources of contamination are eliminated by converting them into harmless CO2 and Hydrogen.</p><p>QUICK-TREAT is particularly useful for cleansing recently occupied rooms. Freshening the air and removing smells, neutralising bacteria, viruses and mould spores and eliminating stench like smoking.

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